Synthetic Mica Powder

Synthetic Mica is an artificial mica, which has a similar platy structure with natural mica. Our Syntheic Mica Powder offers outstanding colour purity, higher transparency and lower content of impurities. It is suitable for Pearl Pigment manufacturing an...[+more]

Sericite Powder

Sericite is generally found in metamorphic rock, and is produced by the alteration of sedimentary rock through temperature, pressure and PH changes. When processed, it exhibits a silky luster from thin platelet sheets.


Our Seric...[+more]

Mica Powder

Mica type minerals are widely used in makeup items, especially in eye shadows and face makeup, to give natural shine, brightness and transparency. This creates a more natural and healthy appearance on the skin.


Selected  superior ...[+more]

Pearl Pigment

Pearl Pigments (which is also called as Pearlescent Pigments) are special effect pigment based on mica substrate coated with metal oxide (Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide) to creat pearl effects, interference colors. Along with th...[+more]

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