Sericite Powder

Sericite is generally found in metamorphic rock, and is produced by the alteration of sedimentary rock through temperature, pressure and PH changes. When processed, it exhibits a silky luster from thin platelet sheets.


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Mica Powder

Mica type minerals are widely used in makeup items, especially in eye shadows and face makeup, to give natural shine, brightness and transparency. This creates a more natural and healthy appearance on the skin.


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Pearl Pigment

Pearl Pigments (which is also called as Pearlescent Pigments) are special effect pigment based on mica substrate coated with metal oxide (Titanium Dioxide and/or Iron Oxide) to creat pearl effects, interference colors. Along with th...[+more]

Glitter Powder

Our Glitter Powder is brilliantly sparkling particles special for solvent based industrial, like nail polish, paints, coatings, etc. The surface is special treated which makes it can be used for solvent based industries without any fading.



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